Why this blog?

I guess, now that I have a few images up, I should go into more detail about my admiration of women with gray and silver hair. Part of it started as I watched my wife struggle with the issue from multiple angles, and indeed, she’s ‘gone gray’ and back more than once. I can say though that when her hair is natural it is much thicker, softer, and healthier than when it is dyed. But it hasn’t always been easy for her. Nevertheless she looks beautiful as a woman with natural uncolored hair.

As an artist who has been photographing for many years, there was a time when all ‘serious’ photographers worked in black and white. Working in black and white, we tend to notice black and white and silver and shades of gray. Today I observe that a great many woman who have ‘gone gray’ work the look into their fashion routine and dress in blacks, whites, wear a lot of silver jewelry, maybe add a dash of color like a scarf or a red belt or interesting shoes, and generally appear stylish and artistic.

Although one shouldn’t over-generalize, I also have noticed that there is often a certain type of woman that tends to let their silver hair grow in. That type of woman is independent, intelligent, and sure of herself and her beauty. She’s strong and is willing to buck society’s norms and trends. Personally, I find all these traits to be sexy and attractive.

Today we’re all trying to eat healthier, eat less, exercise more, shop locally, and so on. So does it make sense to do those things and then dump a bunch of toxins into your scalp? Financially, what you save on hair coloring in a year would probably pay for that trip to Paris, or at least some really nice fashion items.

It does seem that these things are starting a trend, as I see more and more women, at least here in New York City, are becoming ‘silver-haired beauties’. In this blog I salute you!

PS: All the photos I take are as ‘natural’ as the women in them. The only adjustments made are cropping, and adjusting exposure or white balance if needed. No other retouching has been done unless noted.